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Instant Marriage vs Marriage at Recorder’s Office

Many couples believe that the only way to get legally married in the state of California is go to the Courthouse, also known as a Registrar Recorder’s office. However, what they do not realize is the stress and inconvenience of that process. They assume that it is a relatively simple and easy procedure, which will be a hassle free experience for them. When they show up at the Recorder’s Office, see those big lines and later come to know that they won’t be married the same day, they frantically start searching online for a more friendly alternative.
We receive inquiries from couples almost on a daily basis; therefore we decided to describe in detail the benefits of our services (“instant marriage on the same day”) as opposed to marriage at the Recorder’s Office. First, let’s start from the Recorder’s Office to demonstrate how this process works if you decide to go this route.
Marriage at Recorder’s Office
  • In order to be legally married in the State of California you need to have a marriage license first. You and your fiancé (partner) must be present during the application process. The Recorder’s Office is open on weekdays only and closed on weekends and holidays. The average waiting time varies from one to three hours.

  • Just having your marriage license itself does not mean that you are legally married. Essentially, the marriage license is just a permission to marry. You will need to have a ceremony, which is a mandatory legal requirement. The Recorder’s office will schedule a ceremony for you within a few weeks based upon their availability. They simply do not offer same day service – you have to go back there again and then will be finally married.

  • After your ceremony, they will advise you that your marriage certificate will be available in 6-8 weeks. The Recorder’s Office used to allow couples to pre-order their certificates and mail it to them after the marriage is recorded. They do not do that any more – you will need to wait for 6-8 weeks, go back again, and wait in a line in order to pick up your certificate.
As you can see the whole process may take up to a few weeks not counting a time-off taken from work and huge lines at the Recorder’s Office. Not only do you have to visit the Recorder’s Office on three different occasions, it becomes a true nightmare for the couples that temporarily stay in Los Angeles and would like to have a destination wedding here.
Instant Marriage

What we offer is a simple alternative that will save you a lot of time. If you use our services, the same process described above will take about 45 minutes and you will be legally married! You just need to present to us your valid IDs or passports, and then we will issue you a marriage license and perform a civil ceremony. This means that you will be legally married the same day! An instant proof of marriage is available immediately. You can use this document for any state or federal purposes such as insurance, immigration, property issues, etc. We will also order your marriage certificate, which will arrive via mail after your marriage is officially recorded by the State.

Instead of visiting the Recorder’s office on three different occasions you can just come to us and get legally married right on a spot. We have a special authorization from the Recorder’s Office to issue marriage license to general public and perform wedding ceremonies. All couples are welcome regardless of their residency, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs.

Our wedding chapel is good for any occasion. Whether it is a simple ceremony with just the two of you or a big wedding (we can accommodate up to twenty guests) we will be happy to provide you with the best service. Since your marriage license will be notarized, no witnesses are required, but guests are more that welcome.

We are open seven days a week and available on short notice. We also offer travel services – we can simply deliver a marriage license to your location, perform a civil ceremony and you will be married at your place of choice.

Call and book an appointment with us – it is totally worth it!

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