Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between confidential and public marriage license?

A: This is the most common question asked by the couples who are going to get married. The answer is very simple – once your wedding ceremony is performed, your license must be returned to the appropriate county office for recording. A public marriage license becomes public record and available for anyone to view. A confidential license does not become public record and is only available for view by the couple or by court order. From legal standpoint you will be officially married whether you use public or confidential marriage license, the only difference is how your marriage will be recorded.

Q: If I get married with a confidential marriage license can I file for green card based on my marriage?

A: Yes. We have assisted many couples in obtaining immigration benefits for their spouses and children. This is legal marriage and the fact that it is not publicly recorded does not have any effect on its validity.

Q: I need to get married so I can add my spouse to my insurance benefits and property title. How quickly can I get a document allowing me to do it?

A: We deal with a situation like this all the time. In this case, we will issue the marriage license, do a quick wedding ceremony and provide a customer copy of your marriage certificate which is good for any federal purposes such as insurance, tax filing, immigration, etc. You can use this customer copy as evidence of your marriage while the original is being recorded by the LA County that may take up to two months.

Q: Can a specialized notary issue a public marriage license so we will get married the same day?

A: No. A specialized notary can only issue a confidential marriage license. If a couple still wants to use a public marriage license they need to obtain it directly from the county office.

Q: Can we get married the same day if we go to the county office and purchase our marriage license there?

A: No. Most of the county offices do not offer wedding ceremonies the same day you purchase your license. They will issue you a marriage license which is virtually a permission to marry. In order to be legally married you marriage should be officiated by a minister, priest, judge or other authorized person of any religious denomination. The county office will only offer you to schedule your ceremony in a few weeks, depending on their availability, but they do not offer the same day ceremonies.

Q: What are the advantages of using your services as opposed to go to the county office and get everything done there?

A: We offer a whole package that includes marriage license, wedding ceremony and all county fees and legal expenses. You come to us and get legally married within less than an hour. If you choose to use a county office the whole process may take up to a few weeks, not even mentioning the amount of time you spend waiting in line each time you go there. In addition to that we always answer the phone/respond to our clients in a timely manner where as it is almost virtually impossible to talk to county representatives and have your questions answered.

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