• MKay Legal Services was established in 2009 with the idea of providing a wide variety of professional legal services at affordable rates. MKay Legal has a special authorization from the Los Angeles County to issue marriage licenses and process all of the legal paperwork on behalf of our clients. Please feel free to visit Marriage Services section of our website for more details. We also specialize in different types of immigration matters such as marriage-based green cards, fiancé visas, change/extension of status, citizenship applications, etc. We assist our clients with various civil matters such as divorces, power of attorneys, name change applications, bankruptcy petitions, etc.

Unlike many other document preparation agencies that offer online services, we treat our clients personally providing them with face-to-face assistance. Whenever you need our help we will schedule in-person consultation at our office to discuss all of the details of your legal matter.

Our fees and services are very cost effective and we guarantee the quality of our work while at all times adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards. We charge our fees on a flat-rate basis regardless of the amount of time we need to spend on each case.

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