Our Rates

Affordable pricing options for instant marriage services in Los Angeles

We offer our clients a flat rate fee of $260 (Monday through Friday during normal business hours) which includes all of the following:
  • Marriage license;
  • Civil wedding ceremony;
  • Instant proof of marriage;
  • All recording fees and expenses;
  • One certified copy of your marriage license;
  • Personal delivery of your original marriage license to the L.A. County Recorder's office for filing and official recording; and
  • Shipping and handling charges.

Saturday and Sunday weddings are $300.

Appointments scheduled on weekdays during non-business hours (before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM) are subject to $40 surcharge.

Additional charges may apply to weddings scheduled on short notice (less than 24 hours in advance).

If you already have your marriage license we will perform a civil ceremony for you and file all of your paperwork with the L.A. County Clerk Recorder's Office for $100 (weekend ceremonies might be subject to extra surcharge).

Mobile services are available for wedding ceremonies performed at a place of your choice such as your house, a restaurant, a beach, etc. We will issue and deliver the marriage license to your location and perform a wedding ceremony on the same day. Mobile service fee is based on a travel distance. We encourage you to contact our office in advance to obtain an exact quote for our services. However, please note that all deposits paid for travel weddings are non-refundable

Witnesses are not required, however you can bring 1-2 guests for your ceremony with no extra charge. If you bring more than 2 guests for weekday weddings we surcharge $40. Generally, we can accommodate up to 5-7 guests on weekdays and up to 15-20 guests on weekends.

In our office we accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards (there is 3% surcharge for credit card transactions), or you can pre-pay our services via PayPal before your appointment.

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