Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremony

Visit our Wedding Ceremonies page for typical Wedding Ceremonies we perform.
Civil Ceremonies are performed by wedding officiants without any religious denomination. Marriage License is just an authorization/permission to marry. In order to fulfill the legal requirements your marriage must be solemnized by a certified wedding officiant (denominated or non-denominated, i.e. religious or not religious) prior to registering it with the L.A. County Registrar/Recorder’s Office. Civil Ceremony will satisfy this requirement.

Our wedding officiants are certified by the American Council of Wedding Officiants to perform wedding ceremonies where individuals are joined in lawful union. We often perform civil ceremonies for couples who plan to get married later in front of family, but need the formality and legality of a civil wedding for a variety of reasons.

Since proxy marriages and marriages over the Internet are not allowed in the State of California, both parties must be present at wedding ceremony. You need to have one witness at your ceremony if you decide to use public marriage license which can only be purchased at Los Angeles County Office.

On the day of your ceremony you will receive a customer copy of your marriage certificate which can be used for any federal purposes such as immigration, insurance, tax filing, etc. We will submit your original marriage license/certificate to the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder’s office for recording. Once your marriage certificate is recorded by the County (which normally takes 6-8 weeks) you will receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate by US mail.

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